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Troubleshooting Nodemailer Issues: Sending Emails Fails
Liam Lambert
22 March 2024
Troubleshooting Nodemailer Issues: Sending Emails Fails

Setting up Nodemailer in a Node.js application can often lead to errors such as self-signed certificate issues or SSL version number errors. These problems typically arise when trying to send emails securely through services like Gmail, which enforce authentication with SPF or DKIM.

Overcoming Nodemailer No Recipients Defined Error in Node.js
Louis Robert
20 March 2024
Overcoming Nodemailer "No Recipients Defined" Error in Node.js

Addressing the "No recipients defined" error in Node.js applications using Nodemailer can be a challenge for developers, especially those new to server-side programming. This article detailed both the problem's root causes and provided a comprehensive solution that includes adjusting the form field names, configuring the server correctly, and ensuring the client-side script properly handles form submissions.