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The most advanced temporary mail service

We are a free temp mail generator that enables users to receive and send emails. Commonly known as 10 minute mail.

  1. Works on all social networks. Such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Discord, Tiktok, Reddit as well as your favorite apps like Netflix, Youtube, Steam and Epic games.
  2. Temp mail with password : Easy login with a simple passcode allows you to recover your old temporary emailing address. They're now more than just throwaway email, they're yours for life.
  3. Protect your main addresses such as gmail, yahoo and hotmail. Register on different web sites with your fake email and configure the temp mail forwarding option.
  4. Much more than just a tempmail site: a calendar, address book, task creator and note service are all available on the desktop version. Powerful tools not offered by other trash-mail providers.
  5. Create a free temporary email with a custom name and domain. Receive emails simultaneously in both your email accounts through the same interface. Custom email are accepted wherever a legitimate business email is required.
  6. Looking for email-related programming scripts? Medium, Reddit, Substack, Quora, Blogspot.

Advanced temp email with premium features

Instantly access your emails with your powerful inbox. Received emails are available in text file and viewable html, allowing you to conveniently view the content of your emails, easily click on verification links or collect validation codes, while enjoying spam protection. The new message button lets you send e-mails in a variety of formats, with the option of requesting confirmation of receipt. You can also include multiple attachments.

We offer the free option of adding a professional email to your temporary email. Choose your desired domain name and email prefix from the available options. Once the selection is made, the business email will seamlessly integrate into the same interface as the temporary email. Emails sent to the temporary email will be automatically redirected.
Pro email you will be able to register on all websites:

Google ( Gmail, Drive, etc. ), Yahoo Mail, Apple ( iTunes, iCloud ), Microsoft ( Outlook, OneDrive ), Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, Yandex, Spotify, WhatsApp, Alibaba, AliExpress, PayPal, Snapchat, Baidu, Craigslist, Uber, Pinterest, GitHub, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TruthSocial.

Your temp mail is unique and will not be redistributed. A secure password is automatically generated when your account is created. We advise you to keep this password in a safe place, as it will allow you to identify yourself. It is associated with your two emails: the temporary and the professional. Your emails remain active indefinitely.

Temp mail : Generator with free custom options

How to create my temporary e-mail ?
To generate your temp mail address, click on the phrase Click here to generate your e-mail. Your account will be automatically created, start receiving and sending e-mails now.
Temp mail with password option ?
Log in to your account with your 30-character password. You don't need to remember your e-mail address. Use it in the e-mail connection section. Keep it safe ! Your e-mail never expires.
10 minute mail : Delete emails that are more than ...
Each incoming e-mail is timed, so you can choose the length of time before it is permanently deleted. Select automated removal - 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year.
Add custom name to your fake email !
We generate a random name for your disposable email account. Additionally, you can create a custom free email name and have the ability to send emails, with DKIM and SPF enabled.