Use your temp mail with your favorite email software

Use your temp mail with your favorite email software

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Use your temporary email with whatever email software you want

After this tutorial you will be able to use your temporary email as a permanent email.
You will be able to read and send emails with any email software whatever your device (computer, cell phone) etc ...
The first step is to recover the two essential elements for this tutorial, your email and your password.
These have been assigned to you automatically by our system at the following address:

Configuring your software

Email software will ask you what type of Protocol you want to use.
Our temporary email infrastructure supports the POP3 and the IMAP.
The decision to choose the Protocol is up to you depending on your needs.

the POP3 remains the solution for a person who wishes to increase their anonymity.
Use the IMAP if you want to use the same email account on several devices at the same time.

Whatever the Protocol used: The outgoing and incoming server are identical as well as the outgoing port only the incoming port is different.
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Outgoing SMTP port: 465

POP3 incoming port: 995
IMAP inbound port: 993

When configuring POP3 / IMAP / SMTP please select:
"This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL / TLS)"
"Require Secure Password Authentication (SPA) when you log in. "

Here is an example with outlook

Although this example was created for Outlook, the configuration remains the same on Apple mail, Android, and Thunderbird. You can now use your temporary email without limit!
We also recommend the tutorial on Webmail which will give you access to other options such as changing your password as well as email forwarding.