Use your temporary email with the new eMclient security software

Use your temporary email with the new eMclient security software

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Jimmy Raybé

Our anonymous temporary mail service with secure “eM client” software: A must for security.

You are looking for new security software using PGP technology, "eM client" is for you.
The free version allows you to manage two email accounts simultaneously, have a calendar and a task manager.
We will in picture help you configure your temporary email with this software.

Here is the list of available options

“EM client” simplifies your life

You must first recover your disposable email and your password
These have been assigned to you automatically by our system at the following address:

The configuration of this software is really simple, it takes care of detecting the MX of the IMAP server as well as the SMTP server.
This means for you that it is only necessary to provide your temporary email address and your password.

The software will therefore ask you to accept our security certificate for the mail server:

We strongly recommend that you enable the PGP encryption feature.
“Create an encryption key pair, I would like to protect the privacy of my emails with PGP encryption. "

In order to generate a PGP key, you must create a new password different from the one assigned to your email.
To do this we recommend the site: you can generate high security passwords with emoticons.
Increase the size of the key to 2048 bit to increase its protection against cracking attempts.

Once your PGP key has been generated, the software will ask you to save it to your hard drive.
Select the folder where you want to save it. A little advice, think about a usb key.

The setup is now complete, you can now benefit from a temporary mail service with secure software that encrypts your emails with PGP technology.
** Optional options: Depending on your needs, you can select or not these are two functions.