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Free temporary emails

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Get a temporary email address for free

You´re probably familiar with how to give your email address for an account, purchase, or sign up for another app or account. However, this seemingly simple action could lead to unwanted spam or targeted ads, and expose your account to hackers.

This is why a disposable address can be very useful. You can get a temporary address from these services that you can replace your actual one. You can avoid receiving spam email for years, and you also get to skip targeted ads, data leaks, or being subject to spam messages if a website is attacked. Continue reading to learn about the top temporary email services available, all of which are free.

Which are the most secure disposable email clients availableˀ

Are you in a rushˀ You don´t need to look any further, as the table below lists our top choices for disposable email addresses. You can create a temporary email address with these providers in just a few clicks. Let´s take a look at each name in detail later.

  • ProtonMail This anonymous service offers more than just disposable email, especially if you choose to upgrade to a premium account.
  • 10 minute Mail This service is quick and easy to use on sites that need verification.
  • Temp-Mail This premium service is for people who want to remove ads from their computer and extend the storage period.
  • GuerrillaMail SpamAssassin zaps spam before they can bother you and allows for impressive customizability.
  • Emailondeck We are impressed by their serious security standards, including routine wipes on mail logs.
  • A disposable email provider must meet certain criteria in order to be considered for our Top 5 list. They include:

    These services exceed our expectations. You´ll also find additional useful features. You can be confident that no matter which disposable email service option you select, it will generate a temporary address to divert spam from personal or work accounts.

    Secure disposable email security: an in-depth look

    Let´s get into the detailsǃ We´ll be taking a close look at every disposable service below and laying out their benefits as well as drawbacks. Each service can generate an email address instantly and erase emails within a specified time. If you are looking for an email service that will provide utility and security in an instant, we can almost guarantee to match you with oneǃ

    You are looking for an all-inclusive service that will allow you to handle both priority and non-priority emails with just one account. You have come to the right placeǃ

    Website ProtonMail

    ProtonMail allows users to add additional email addresses or aliases, which can all be accessed through the same account.

    A user is able to create a range of identities that can be used for various purposes. They can also organize their incoming and outgoing mail and keep their inbox clean. Premium ProtonMail accounts can have additional email addresses created and managed the same way. Premium users have the ability to send email via their shorter domain address (, whereas users who are not premium users cannot.

    ProtonMail, an open-source service that is supported by Android and iOS as well as many web browsers, can be used on Android devices. ProtonMail´s Swiss location means it is protected by Swiss privacy laws. This is a great benefit for security-conscious usersǃ ProtonMail uses both full-disk encryption and end-to-end encryption. This means that you cannot view or decrypt any mail. ProtonMail does not require you to give out any personal information. The service also doesn´t keep IP logs.

    Visit ProtonMail

    10 Minute Mail is a great tool that can be used by anyone. It packs an incredible amount of utility in ten minutes.

    Website for 10 Minute Mail

    The 10 Minute Mail is a great tool that can be used by anyone and offers a lot of value in ten minutes.

    10 Minute Mail is exactly what it claims to do - it creates disposable email addresses that expire in just 10 minutes. After the timer expires, all emails stored in the inbox are also deleted. You can see the generated email by simply opening this page. You can then enter it anywhere you want, provided you do not close the 10 Minute Mail page.

    Websites that ask you to verify your email address are not a problem. 10 Minute Mail keeps track of emails and allows users to reply to their mail with their disposable address. Users can reset the 10-minute timer to eliminate any delay. Even if your timer expires, you can still recover 10 Minute Mail emails. It doesn´t require any personal data and 10 Minute Mail also has a sister company that can remove metadata from videos and photos.

    Visit 10 minute Mail

    Although Temp-mail does not retain your personal information, it offers disposable email addresses without timers

    Website Temp Mail

    Temp-mail, a reliable disposable email address service, does not ask you for personal information, isn´t required to create an account and won´t delete the generated address automatically unless you remove it or the domain lists change. This can be either a positive or negative thing depending on what you need. However, it doesn´t mean that your time limit cannot be extended. The Temp mail inbox functions exactly as other mailboxes, except that you won´t be able to send your emails.

    Temp-mail is very secure. It stores your emails only for 2 hours and then deletes all of your personal information, including IP addresses, once you have finished using it. Temp-mail will be available in the App, Play, and Chrome and Safari browsers.

    Visit Temp-Mail

    Do not be intimidated by the simple site design. GuerrillaMail, a powerful tool for creating new email messages, is also available.


    GuerrillaMail can be used to generate disposable email. Users are able to click on verification links, then remove the mail. GuerrillaMail takes care of the rest and removes spam from your inbox. Although the service retains incoming mail for one hour, it does not expire.

    GuerrillaMail´s most notable feature is its ability to send and create original mail using your disposable address. Users can also choose their own email addresses. The Scramble Address feature is recommended by GuerrillaMail. It makes it harder for someone to guess their Inbox ID, which increases security. GuerrillaMail, which is open-source, is accessible only with HTTPS encryption to further protect privacy.

    Visit GuerrillaMail

    EmailOnDeck is an efficient and easy to use provider that allows users to send mail, as well as receive spam.


    Emailondeck, one of the most accessible disposable address providers is able to create an email address for you in just two steps. EmailOnDeck is completely free and will keep your mail inbox for 24 hours. However, you can speed this up by clearing your cookies. EmailOnDeck routinely deletes all mail and active wipes logs to reduce storage costs. It´s not recommended to use this service for long-term endeavors.

    Only premium users have the ability to send anonymous mail directly to any email address. Free users, however, can still send secure mail via other EmailOnDeck accounts. Premium accounts will remove advertisements and let users save their email addresses - or create new ones - in addition to allowing them to delete ads. EmailOnDeck is extremely secure. It can be accessed via HTTPS and its servers use TLS.

    Visit Emailondeck

    You can also check out other providers. These services offer disposable email addresses as well:

    What does a disposable email address meanˀ

    We would all have one email address that we could use for everything in an ideal world. Spam wouldn´t exist. It does. This can lead people to look for ways to reduce the number of spam. One solution is a disposable email address. But what are theseˀ

    They are temporary. Disposable. They are not compatible with Outlook or Gmail. You won´t need to create an account, nor give out any of your personal information, such as name, address, phone number or physical address.

    You would visit the site listed below, then follow these steps to create your temporary email address. Then, copy the address and paste it into another form where you´d normally send your actual email.

    It sounds pretty convenient, doesn´t itˀ You can rest assured that all those unwanted junk mail will be sent to the disposable address. It will also self-destruct after a certain time. The associated address will not be added to any database which could be subject to a leak. Your inbox and personal information will remain clean.

    These disposable services have some limitations. These disposable services don´t offer the same utility as a Gmail account or Outlook account. You won´t be allowed to create signatures or folders, verify if anyone has read your mail or BCC others. Some disposable email service providers offer the ability to forward, send, or recover mail that has been deleted.

    What is the point of a disposable email address and why do you require itˀ

    Nowadays, the internet revolves around convenience. It´s much easier to enter your primary email address on a website or an app than it is to generate temporary. However, once you have done that, your data becomes public and can be used to send you spam messages or worse. While we are familiar with disposable email addresses and how they function, why would anyone use themˀ There are many reasons to use disposable email addresses. Below are some common reasons.

    ✉️Spam central

    Spam is the number one enemy of all email addresses. You can easily spend hours unsubscribing to these mailing lists, only for it to snowball under you with spam later. This is why people invest in disposable email addresses to avoid this spam influx. You are preventing spammers from targeting your primary account.

    💰Guilt-free spending

    Also, disposable emails are great for shopping. You might want to make a purchase once only from a website you have never been to before and from which you don´t wish for any advertising spam. You could also avoid the spam email that you get after you sign up for your loyalty card, which includes similar offers and sales.

    👻Ghosting sites

    It happens to all of us. Sometimes you may not use the app or site you´re currently visiting again. In these cases, it is more comforting to register with a temporary email. If you are interested in free trials and have to give an email address to gain access to it, consider using a temporary one. You can use either service and forget about it.

    ⛓Staying secure

    Disposable emails can be a great way to avoid spam but they also serve a vital security purpose. We have all been guilty of signing up without ever reading terms and conditions. It could be that you are being asked permission by the site to share or sell your information. Sites can even give your email address over to advertisers.

    There you goǃ This is a quick tour that shows you how to keep your email inbox tidy, secure and clean without spending a dime.

    One more thing...

    However, there are instances when it is better not to use a temporary address.

    It is not recommended to use disposable email addresses to sign up for important services such as banking, educational, and medical sites. If you sign up using a disposable email address that has expired, you might need to reset the password. It´s also possible to have bank statements or a copy of your medical records sent to you.


    You can reduce your stress by having disposable emails. You can create a temporary email address in just a few minutes. This will allow you to register for websites, participate in competitions and make purchases. And you´ll be able to rest assured that you won´t receive spam messages for many months. A good disposable email is a simple and cost-effective security precaution. You can protect your data from possible leaks by giving a disposable email and not your actual address. Additionally, it allows you to feel secure using websites that have poor security records. It´s worth bookmarking at least one of these sites.

  • ProtonMail This anonymous service offers more than just disposable email, especially if you choose to upgrade to a premium account.
  • 10 minute Mail This service is quick and easy to use on sites that need verification.
  • Temp-Mail This premium service is for people who want to remove ads from their computer and extend the storage period.
  • GuerrillaMail SpamAssassin zaps spam before they can bother you and allows for impressive customizability.
  • Emailondeck We are impressed by their serious security standards, including routine wipes on mail logs.
  • Here are our top 5 secure disposable email service options. All of them are easy-to-use and don´t cost a cent. Some even let you reply anonymously and create new email addresses.