Convert your temp mail to a permanent email

Convert your temp mail to a permanent email

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Jimmy Raybé

There are a multitude of reasons for converting disposable email to permanent email.

This option is now available with us: The benefits listed below relate exclusively to our temporary email service. The options may vary from site to site. After converting your temporary email to a permanent email, it is now reserved for your exclusive use, this implies that this email will no longer be recycled after 365 days, so you will be the sole owner at life.

How do I convert my temporary email to permanent email now?

Simply visit the following web address:, a unique 30-character password will be automatically assigned to you, you can now click on it to copy and paste. It will allow you to connect to your permanent email in the future, keep this one preciously. We have tried to make the connection to Webmail as simple as possible without losing security. You will have five attempts to log in within 30 minutes. If you performed six wrong handling or more, your cookie will be suspended for 1 hour.

What is the login address? : Enter your password and press enter. You will now be connected to the temporary email associated with this password. In order to maintain your anonymity no IP address is only registered during the authentication process. We only use a password with updating your cookie in your browser. Your temporary email is now permanent, you can benefit from all the advantages of a traditional email for free.