7 websites offering a temp mail service that caught our attention

7 websites offering a temp mail service that caught our attention

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Jimmy Raybé

Here are different websites with their specificities that offer a temporary mail service.

1. https://www.tempmail.us.com/

Need a temporary email quickly without the hassle?
Do you need an exceptional level of confidentiality?
We are the new kid on this list, we do not have thousands of options yet, but we offer you a solid, simple, fast and efficient service.
You can read your emails in real time on our website and you can convert your temporary email to permanent email for free with just one click.

2. https://temp-mail.org/en/

Our number 1 competitor, we have to admit that he did a great job, several options are available and the temporary email service works perfectly.
We are in no way affiliated with their service. We do not know the owners so it is impossible for us to know if their service is safe and anonymous.

3. https://mail.tm/en/

As soon as sent, emails are received. The ad-free interface is intuitive, simple and very clean, especially in full HD (3840 x 2160 pixel).
Possibility to create a user account with password. For programmers an API with documentation well detailed allows several options such as:

Created in nodejs using Haraka: https://github.com/mailtm/Mailtm

4. https://temp-mail.io/en/

A great discovery, a quality site with additional options outside the community.
Notification extension as well as email forwarding are two rare options in this area.

A major problem, the time to receive an email is very long, we advise you to do a test before use.

5. https://tempmail.plus/en/
6. https://tempr.email/en/

Although their design is rudimentary, their temporary email service is functional.
If you are looking for a different or out of the ordinary domain name this website is for you.
Some areas are professional and others are made with humor such as s0ny.net

7. https://mailpoof.com/

While their temporary email service works great and the design and logo are eye-catching, if you know the email suffix,
you can directly access the mailbox without any identification required. Here is an example : https://mailpoof.com/mailbox/test@mailpoof.com.
So if you want to maintain some anonymity do not use this service.